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Immunization Deadline is today, October 28! (attached is calendar for AISD shot clinics)
Halloween Costume Rules for October 31!
Murchison Middle School
Halloween Day Costume Rules

On October 31 Murchison Middle School will have “Costume Day.” Students and staff will be allowed to dress up in costume if they wish. Please follow the rules so we can have a fun and safe day.

• No masks or other face coverings
• No full face paint
• No “weapons” - real or fake
• Shirts, skirts, dresses, and shorts must still be in dress code
• Hats and wigs are allowed
• No bandannas.

Administration has the final approval of all costumes.
Ebola News from AISD (see attached letters)
Principal's Message from Ms. Harrison October 2014
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Evaluation of Campus Performance in Community and Student Engagement
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