School Supply List for 2017-18!


2017-18 School Supply List

(**please note that other supplies may be assigned by teachers once school starts)


6th grade supply list:
Murchison Agenda/Student Handbook (available at Matador Days August 16-18)

3” three ring binder
3 (sets of 5) three ring subject dividers
Highlighters, 4 colors
4 Composition notebooks
Pens – blue, black & red
Hand held pencil sharpener (no battery)
Notebook paper, wide rule (enough for entire school year)
Pencils, #2 
Colored pencils

Glue Sticks

2 clear tapes

USB Flash Drive 8GB

7th grade:
Murchison Agenda/Student Handbook (available at Matador Days August 16-18)

3 - 3” three ring binder
3 - 3 ring pencil pouch
Pens – black, blue & red
Colored pencils
Pencils #2
Glue sticks (minimum of 4)
4 - Subject dividers
3 - 9x11 spiral notebook with plastic cover ( minimum 100 pages)
Notebook paper
Hand held personal pencil sharpener

8 rolls clear invisible of tape
2 Composition books 100 sheet, 9.75 x 7.5 inches

1 bottle of liquid glue

1 package of highlighters

USB Flash Drive 8GB

8th grade:
Murchison Agenda/Student Handbook (available at Matador Days August 16-18)
6 Pens – black or blue

24 pack of #2 pencils or mechanical pencil with lead
Notebook paper – 100 sheets college rule
2 Spiral notebooks – college rule 11”x9” size, 100 sheets per spiral, 3 subject
3” three ring binder
Subject dividers (3 ring) with 8 sections
1 red pocket folder with brads

1 green pocket folder with brads
4 Composition books, 100 sheet, 9.75 x 7.5 inches
3 ring pencil pouch
Colored pencils
Highlighters, 4 colors

2 yellow highlighters

2 pink highlighters

Glue sticks (6 pack)
Markers, basic colors (not permanent)
2 clear invisible rolls of tape

1 package of graph paper

4 AAA batteries

USB Flash Drive 8 GB
Algebra students – need a TI- 83 or TI-84 graphing calculator (reminder that the TI-89 is NOT allowed to be used on the SAT or ACT)

World Language students – Spanish, Chinese, German, French, Vietnamese & Latin:

Glue sticks
Composition book

Red pen

Hand held pencil sharpener
Colored pencils
Colored markers (not permanent)
French students – spiral notebook

Box of facial tissues

1” black 3 ring binder
5 subject three ring dividers
1 box facial tissue
6th grade – Tradition of Excellence Book 1 for child’s instrument
All other Band information:
Log on info: murchisonmsb
Password: student ID# (just numerals)



Box of tissue

2 pencils

1 highlighter



1” black 3-ring binder

Essential Elements 2000, Book 1 and 2 for your instrument

Shoulder rest (violin and viola)

Rock stop (cello and bass)


Cleaning cloth


Electronic Tuner/Metronome


Spiral bound sketchbook approximately 8x10

2 Black Sharpie Markers

1 Piece of White Poster Board

1 hand held sharper

1 Box of Kleenex

(Not required, but highly recommended: fine line markers/case to hold them).


Photography 7/8: 

USB thumb drive with 8-16 GB



Black dance pants or capris, black t-shirt, and black jazz shoes

Combination lock (no key locks)

Athletic clothes & athletic shoes

Box of facial tissues

Please check Ms. Hutson's website for more details

Coach Williams and Coach Hutson will be updating the Murchison Athletic website continuously throughout the summer.  Some of the topics covered on the website are:  athletic clothes expectations, needed equipment, practice and game schedules for all sports.  Please contact Coach Williams (boys’ Athletic Coordinator): or

Coach Hutson (girls’ Athletic Coordinator): with any questions.

P.E. Supplies:
7th/8th grade Boys and Girls Physical Education (P.E.) classes will need to bring a pair of black shorts, and purchase an MMS PE t-shirt during the dates:  August 23rd through September 1st.  Other supplies needed are:  a combination lock, socks, pair of rubber sole athletic shoes, a spiral journal, and a box of tissues.