Credit Recovery


RE: Credit Recovery


Dear Matador Parent/Guardian,


This message is being sent to all Matadors and does not mean that your son/daughter is failing a class. Please use the parent portal to check your child’s current grades. With that being said, please note some very important information about options for your child should they be experiencing failing grades in their core classes.

To ensure your child’s success for promotion to the next grade level we will be requiring students who are unsuccessful in their first semester core classes to recoup lost credit by one of two ways depending on the reason for the loss of credit. Failing grades will be remedied by accessing online credit recovery classes through a program called Achieve. Achieve is offered to middle school students in need of academic credit recovery and involves working on the core curriculum via an online program called Edgenuity. Summer school will NOT be an option for students who fail 2 or more core classes as has been the practice in AISD in the past. Summer school will ONLY be offered to students who fail their Reading or Math STAAR exams enrolled in an SSI grade level (i.e. 5th and 8th grades).

Students in need of credit recovery due to attendance issues will be afforded the opportunity to make up their missing time by attending after school tutorials, homework club and/or Saturday School. Summer School will not be an option for the 2017/18 school year for students needing credit recovery due to attendance issues. Attached you will find a summary of your students current academic concerns and/or their attendance concerns.

Edgenuity provides K-12 content to support instruction in an online learning environment. Your child will have access to multimedia content and his/her teachers will have access to real time data and reports to monitor our child’s progress and achievement. Multiple supports are provided and include captioning, text- to-speech read aloud, translation and the ability to pause/rewind/replay instruction at will. The courses are rigorous and standards aligned with real world examples and assignments. On-screen teachers will provide instruction on key concepts and skills necessary to experience success moving forward.

If you have any questions, please contact your grade level counselor or Assistant Principal.


The MMS Administrative Team