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Important Grammar Notes

Important Grammar Notes:
  • When using an ADJ (大,小,漂亮) do not use 是, can use 很
  • When using 在 (meaning at; in)  do not use 是 
  • When counting things, use a measure word (个,只) 
  • When counting objects, do not use 二 , use 两 instead
  • When showing possession, use 的 ('s) to show that the thing is theirs
  • 没有 means 'don't have' there is no such thing as 不有
  • Use 它 for your pets, 他 and 她 are only for people 
  • 还是 means 'or' 
  • 哪 means where/which, do not start a sentence with 哪
  • 那 means that/there and you CAN start a sentence with it 

Chinese 1B Midterm

Chinese 1B midterms:  (A day classes)  Monday, December 15 and (B day classes) Tuesday, December 16.  
Midterm is over Units 1-5 and 工作 (Unit 6) 


谢谢 FEST 2014!

TOMORROW- Monday 11/24 & Tues 11/25 in class.  Bring yummy treats and be ready to share why you are thankful this holiday season!  

Ms. Potter (Latin teacher) plays Zombie Fist in Chinese!!

Ms. Potter our AWESOME Latin teacher works with Leah to learn how to play "Zombie Fist". Film yourself playing with your favorite teacher for 5 extra credit points!!

Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook speaking Chinese!

The creator of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg gives an interview in Chinese.  Check it out!

Big Bang Theory-Sheldon speaks Chinese!!

One of my favorite Chinese speakers, Sheldon, makes some classic tone mistakes in this hilarious "best of Sheldon's worst Chinese moments" video

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