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Zaijian dumplings!

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Chinese Culture Day!!

This Sunday, April 12th Anderson High School is hosting a Chinese Culture event!  There will be performances from Doss Elementary, Murchison Middle School, Anderson High School as well as some local Chinese culture organizations.  Come by and enjoy the best of our community's Chinese culture.  
Anderson HS Theater (corner of Mesa and Cima Serena) 
Sunday, April 12th  3:30-5:30 p.m. 

Panda Express Fundraiser

This FRIDAY March 27th from 5:30-8:30 p.m stop by Panda Express at Anderson Lane & Burnet Road to eat food and support Murchison 8th graders raise funds for our San Francisco Chinatown trip this summer!!  
Bring the flyer with you or show it on your phone to make sure MMS gets the donation!  
CNY card.png
Asia Society in New York chooses Murchison 8th Grader Kelly Tran's Year of the Goat ink calligraphy for their New Year greeting card!  Congratulations Kelly on this remarkable honor!  
Happy New Year!!
2015 CNY Flyer.jpg
One of TWO Chinese New Year celebrations in Austin this weekend!!  This one is at the Buddhist temple on 360 (near Lakewood/Jester).  All are welcome to join!!

Important Grammar Notes

Important Grammar Notes:
  • When using an ADJ (大,小,漂亮) do not use 是, can use 很
  • When using 在 (meaning at; in)  do not use 是 
  • When counting things, use a measure word (个,只) 
  • When counting objects, do not use 二 , use 两 instead
  • When showing possession, use 的 ('s) to show that the thing is theirs
  • 没有 means 'don't have' there is no such thing as 不有
  • Use 它 for your pets, 他 and 她 are only for people 
  • 还是 means 'or' 
  • 哪 means where/which, do not start a sentence with 哪
  • 那 means that/there and you CAN start a sentence with it 

Chinese 1B Midterm

Chinese 1B midterms:  (A day classes)  Monday, December 15 and (B day classes) Tuesday, December 16.  
Midterm is over Units 1-5 and 工作 (Unit 6) 

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