Murchison Middle School International Baccalaureate MYP

Future Educators Association

Sponsor: Sara Brennan


A club for students interested in becoming educators: teachers, counselors, principals.


Who: any MMS student

What: activities to learn about being a teacher, activities that explore careers in education, activities supporting teachers at MMS

When: Thursday mornings 7:45 (or bus arrival)

Where: Room 428 and beyond

Why: to support our career field with candidates


Past activities:

  • Learn about what teachers do -
  • Leadership and speaking/presenting skills
  • Teacher partners/helpers
  • Teacher support and encouragement
  • Veterans Day Wall of Honor*
  • STAAR prep assistance (room prep, etc)
  • Attend the Explore UT Open House
  • Teacher feedback on lesson designWaffle parties


*2010-2017, FEA had posted a Wall of Honor in the courtyard during late October and early November leading up to Veterans Day for students and staff to honor/recognize family and friends who served our armed forces.