Murchison Middle School International Baccalaureate MYP

Prospective Members

The Murchison National Junior Honor Society membership selection procedure has been revised and updated for 2018 candidates. Please review the information below.


  1. Qualification: students whose cumulative GPA through the fourth 6-weeks is 3.5 or higher, unrounded, will receive a letter inviting them to become candidates for NJHS by completing and submitting a Candidate Information Form. Students who do not wish to become candidates via this process will be asked to decline the invitation in writing. Students must have been enrolled at Murchison for at least one full semester in order to be eligible.
  2. The Candidate Information Form: this document includes two components and several requirements and must be handwritten by the candidate. A student whose work is typed or written in a parent’s handwriting will not be accepted (extenuating circumstances, such as 504 accommodations, will be considered when appropriate). The completed Candidate Information Form must be signed by the student and parent attesting that the work is the student’s alone. 
  3. Tutorial sessions: after-school and advisory tutorials will be held to assist students with their Candidate Information Forms. NJHS officers will lead these sessions.Tutorials are voluntary and are for candidates only.
  4. Deadline: candidates will submit their Candidate Information Forms to Ms. Cooper or Ms. Worob before the deadline specified on the information forms. Forms submitted after this deadline will not be considered.
  5. NJHS Advisers and the Faculty Council: the five NJHS Faculty Council members were appointed by the principalAs chapter advisers, Ms. Cooper and Ms. Worob are non-voting members of the Faculty Council and do not influence a student’s selection or non-selection. 
  6. Faculty Council and teacher feedback: teachers will provide the Faculty Council with feedback on student candidates to offer additional insight into each candidate within the classroom and school day. Then the Faculty Council will review each Candidate Information Form, student records, and teacher feedback before voting on each candidate's selection or non-selection.
  7. Notification of selected students: students selected for membership will be notified via letter distributed during the school day. The letter includes a form asking the student to accept or decline membership, identify attendance or non-attendance at the Induction Ceremony and requests the payment of dues (usually $8-10). Please know that due to the block schedule, some people will receive their letters before others. This does not mean you were or were not accepted--everyone who submitted a candidate form will be notified one way or another. 
  8. Dues: The collection of dues covers basic NJHS chapter expenses. However, no student will be excluded from NJHS due to an inability to pay dues. If cost is a concern for you, please contact one of the chapter advisers privately rather than declining membership. And conversely, if your family is able to add a few extra dollars to your dues contribution, we sincerely appreciate your generosity that will help support a student for whom cost is an issue.
  9. Notification of non-selected students and appeals: students who are not selected for membership will be notified via letter distributed during the school day. A non-selected student's only avenue for membership is through the appeal process, which will be explained in your letter. Please be aware that students have five days to appeal. Appeals that do not follow the instructions or do not make the five-day deadline will not be considered. We encourage non-selected students to review your roles regarding the NJHS characteristics and consider submitting an appeal according to the instructions in your letter.
  10. Confidentiality: We understand that it is not easy to receive news that you were not selected for membership, and you may be upset when you receive your letter. However, please do not contact (or have your parents contact) the NJHS chapter advisers, the counselor, teachers, or the Murchison administration to protest non-selection. Per NJHS rules, they they do not have the authority to override the Faculty Council's decision. Additionally, teacher feedback and Faculty Council deliberations are confidential--it is inappropriate to contact staff members to inquire about the feedback they provided. The Faculty Council made NJHS membership decisions after objective review of candidates' submissions, teacher feedback, and school records; selection was not based on one individual incident or teacher comment. A non-selected student should reflect on the five NJHS characteristics and work to improve. 
  11. Induction ceremony: this is a formal event held in the large gym. Expect it to last about an hour. Students will be required to check in by 5:30 in the cafeteria. After the ceremony, students and families will be invited to a short cake and punch reception, also in the gym. The induction ceremony is akin to a graduation; appropriate attire is requested. Unfortunately, some candidates will have conflicts with other extracurricular events. Attending the induction is not required to become a member of NJHS; students who are unable to attend may pick up their certificates and take the NJHS oath of membership at a later date.
  12. NJHS members are expected to uphold the qualities and characteristics that led to their selection as members. Other expectations will also be explained to students in a meeting before the end of the 2018 school year.