Murchison Middle School International Baccalaureate MYP

Student Council

"We the students of Murchison Middle School in order to encourage student-faculty relations; assist in the various activities throughout the school community, state, and nation; improve student cooperation and communication; create a school spirit; and encourage the development of initiative, responsibility, citizenship, and leadership, do establish this constitution of the Student Council of Murchison Middle School."
--- MMS Student Council Preamble

 Below are the 3 current student council initiatives and possible proposals set for this year:

  1. Community Service - Schoolwide Charity Miles Month (See link below for more information)
  2. School Service - Indoor Gum Disposal - Similar to the outdoor Gum Pole, the student council is researching possible types of receptacles for students to dispose of their gum indoor (instead of on the floor!)
  3. Bullying Prevention (in connection with No Place for Hate) - Possible activities for the Back to School Matador Days.