Murchison Middle School International Baccalaureate MYP

College and Career Guidance

NAVIANCE Complete Assessments!  Browse Careers!!  Browse the Roadtrip Nation Interview Archive!!!
Naviance Log-In Directions
Email:  Capitalized "S", then your Student ID # (example:  s10078521)
Password:  Capitalize the first letter of your last name, then your birthdate (mm/dd/yy), then a lower case "s".
(example:  L881903s)
8th Grade - Complete the Career Key Assessment
7th Grade - Complete the Strengths Explorer Assessment
6th Grade - Complete the Career Cluster Finder
Free Time Exploration Options:
OPTION 1 - Click on "Careers."  Then click on "Explore Careers and Clusters."  Here you can find information on each group/cluster of careers (jobs). 
*Scroll to the bottom and click on one of the clusters. 
*Click on "Plan of Study" in the top tabs to find high school classes that will help you prepare for these careers. 
*Click on "Related Careers" and then click on a specific career that interests you. 
*Read the "Job Description" and then scroll down on that page and click on "Watch a Video." 
*If you like this job, then click on +add to my list at the top of the page.
OPTION 2 - Click on "Careers."  Watch the Roadtrip Nation Introduction by clicking on the video.  Then click "Explore More" to watch more Roadtrip Videos.
OPTION 3 - 7th and 8th grade students can take the Career Cluster Finder if you have not already done so.  Choose "Careers," and then click on "Career Cluster Finder" and take this assessment by clicking "2. activities."  Keep clicking NEXT not "Clear" to move through the quiz.  The results will give you groups of careers you may be interested in.  Click on each cluster to explore individual careers.  You can also save information that interests you by clicking "Add this cluster to your list."