Murchison Middle School International Baccalaureate MYP

Three Tiers of Intervention

Level 1:  We provide direct instruction of social emotional and academic skills that are crucial for all students to experience success both in school and post-graduation.  This includes school-wide initiatives such as Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) lessons that occur through our Advisory class curriculum.   
Level 2:  Tier 2 support includes, but is not limited to, a behavior contract, support plans, or check-ins.  Sometimes individual counseling can be a Tier 2 intervention, depending on the duration and intensity of the counseling services.
Level 3:  Tier 3 interventions are intended for students who consistently need additional support.  Often times, these students are referred to a private therapist.  Tier 3 interventions are intensive, evidence-based instruction maximizing intensity, frequency, and duration.  Interventions are progress monitored daily.  Examples of Tier 3 interventions for counselors include, but are not limited to, suicide prevention, threat assessment, or collaboration and consultation with wrap around services for a child.   
For a list of private therapists that have been recommended by our community members, consult your school counselor, or use this search link to search by location and insurance: