MMS PTA No Hassle Fundraiser

MMS PTA No Hassle Fundraiser
Did you know that last year, the Murchison PTA spent over $45,000 on the campus, classroom support and technology?

Some of the things that we supported last year include:

The late bus - allows students to stay after school for academics, athletics and clubs;

IB Program Support - additional teacher training;

Technology improvements - the new projector in the cafeteria;

Campus improvements - new tables and chairs for school / community functions, new umbrellas for courtyard tables, conversion of old blackboards into whiteboards;

Classroom supports - sets of books for classrooms, instructional materials like slides and earthworms for science classes.
Our budgeted goal this year is to raise $25,000 by September 14th. We would like to surpass this if possible and fulfill all the requests we receive from our amazing staff at Murchison.
Thanks to donations received during Matador Days, we are getting closer to the goal, but still need your support!
Please consider donating in support of our campus. Our suggested donation is $50 per student, however, every donation is greatly appreciated and 100 percent of the funds are used here on campus, for the benefit of our community.
Join us today and help us support our students and staff!