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Welcome to MMS Track

Information about our first track meet of the season:
Where: Murchison Track & Field
When: March 21st; starts at 5:30; ends at sunset
Runners and Field Events: Below you will find your assignments for this meet and the order of events. You can pick up a uniform from Ms. Hutson during Athletics or right after school. Please be prepared with shoes/cleats, water bottle, and a second lunch or snack. We will run from 5:30 until sundown, so you want some food with you!
Runners: During the meet, the announcer will call out "1st call for .... (whatever running event is next)". This is when the runners should start warming up on the field. "2nd call" you should start making your way to the starting line and check in. Then you'll get placed in your heat (or running group) with other schools. Once the previous race is finished, we'll immediately go to the next one and the runners should be ready. 
****Runners: you are responsible for getting to your race on time. Your coaches have many jobs during this meet and cannot remind you. YOU MUST PAY ATTENTION TO THE ANNOUNCER!
Field Event: you can go to your field event at any time as long as it doesn't interfere with your running event. Again, it's your responsibility to make sure you get your jumps and remember your measurements.
Events and students participating for this week's meet (I apologize if I spelled any names wrong). And this is the order of the meet:
1600M: Begins 5:30pm
  8boys: Liam, Brycen, Jason, Axel
  7boys: Preston, Sage, Dylan
  8girls:  Ellie, Jazlyn, Natalie 
  7girls:  Lainey, Cate, Jennifer J
  8boys: Matthew, Steven, Xander, Austin
  7boys: James, George, Adam, Joaquin
  8girls:  Alex D, Melanie, Alexandria
  7girls:  Olivia, Reece, Ella B, Maya
4x200M RELAY
  8boys: Cody, Xander, Will, Joseph
  7boys: James, George, Brandon, Franco
  8girls:  Reiko, Lily B, Skylar, Leah
  7girls: Jessica W, Madeleine, Reece, Oliva
  8boys: Steven, Cogan, Evan R
  7boys: Josh, Austin, Mitch, Sage
  8girls:  Audrey
  7girls:  Jennifer J, Gwen, Elle W, Madeleine
 4x100M RELAY
  8boys: Cody, Xander, Joseph, Matthew
  7boys: Brandon, George, Franco, James
  8girls:  Reiko, Skylar, Leah, Alex D.
  7girls:  Lilian J, Jessica, Reece, Olivia
  8boys: Jack, Mike, Thomas, Aiden
  7boys: Preston, Sage
  8girls: Ellie, Jazlyn, Natalie
  7girls:  Lainey, Jennifer J, Anna S.
  8boys: Joseph, Cody, Will, Austin
  7boys: Adam, Dylan, Franco, Joaquin
  8girls:  Molly, Melanie, Alex D, Alexandria
  7girls:  Jessica, Stella, Leti, Maya
4x400M RELAY
  8boys: Cogan, Steven, Will, Matthew
  7boys: Josh, Brandon, Andy, Preston
  8girls:  Jazlyn, Lily B, Reiko, Leah
  7girls:  Ella B, Lilian J, Jennifer J, Madeleine
  8boys: Reid, Matthew, Aidan, Joseph
  7boys: Brandon, James, George, Sage
  8girls: Holly, Alex D, Lily B, Leah 
  7girls: Olivia, Reece, Ella B, Maya
  8boys: Matthew, Cogan
  7boys: none
  8girls: Jazlyn, Leah
  7girls:  none
  8boys: Joseph, Austin
  7boys: none
  8girls: Molly, Alex D, Lily B, 
  7girls:  none
Here is the agenda from the parent meeting. 
Track season has begun! If you are interested in representing the Matadors at track meets, please come out to practices after school from 3:45 - 5:15pm. Everyday, you must check in with your coach for your workout and attendance.
The coaches will share information through the Remind App for Track. If you would like updates you can sign up by texting the code "7f4dca" to the number 81010.
Here's our after school practice schedule (remember... track is an individual sports and students might finish their workouts before 5:30pm and can leave):
  •  Running events will practice during Athletic periods and after school on opposite days from 3:50 - 4:30pm (for  example: a 7th grader in athletics will practice running events during the period on A days and after school on B days).
  •  Field events will practice after school after running events (around 4:30 - 5pm).
Welcome to MMS Track. We are so excited about our new season coming up for the 2017-2018 school year. Please take a look at the calendar for important dates and the FAQs page for some frequently asked questions. Also, this year we have an Athletic Handbook. All students and parents are responsible for reading this handbook.
Please email any of the coaches with questions or concerns.
 ***IMPORTANT NOTE: All students in Athletics or on the competitive sports teams must have a completed physical packet on file. Make sure your physical packet has ALL THE SIGNATURE LINES signed by the student and parent (otherwise it will not be accepted). All physicals must be completed after April 15, 2017. PLEASE DO NOT TURN IN YOUR PHYSICAL PACKETS TO OUR NURSE OR FRONT OFFICE. THE PHYSICALS MUST BE TURNED IN TO THE COACHES.
Physical Forms can be found in the front office (in the tower of papers), here on the website, or