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NeuroChaos testing is an affordable, yet invaluable, Brain Health Assessment. If your child should suffer a head injury, your healthcare provider will appreciate your proactive approach.


We strongly encourage you to take advantage of this baseline testing opportunity!



The NeuroChaos Brain Health Assessment provides essential information:

· How your athlete's brain functions when it is healthy 

· If your athlete suffers a head injury, healthcare providers use repeat testing to compare with baseline screening during recovery to determine when it is safe to return to the classroom and the playing field

*For all sports, all ages, boys and girls!






Reliable Objective test; athlete cannot influence results

Quick Painless, 10-minute advanced ultrasound examination

Affordable Minimal investment ($75) for invaluable peace of mind


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Cally Martin, ATC, LAT


Baseline Testing @ 360 Balance

With the development of the NeuroChaos technology, concussion testing resources have recently been made more accessible to a wider age range of athletes. Parents are encouraged to be firm advocates for utilizing as many resources as available at any and all levels. Baseline testing is strongly encouraged because it allows health care providers to compare apples to apples rather than comparing results across age-ranged norms. Additionally, “baselines” can address possible “at risk” individuals allowing for interventions and reducing risk of unfortunate injuries.

Outlined below are brief explanations of the 3 different testing parameters for concussion baselines; *Testing package discounts and group rates available.
1) NeuroChaos (blood flow regulation): Ultrasound technology, is safe and commonly used in medical practices. A 5-minute, stress free, recording is captured with the athlete laying down at rest. Takes approx. 15 set-up to clean-up and athlete cannot influence results. Can be repeated immediately and as often as needed through recovery. All ages. Provided at select clinics by appointment and school/league/clinic based testing events in the community. Baseline $75, Post Injury-$200/5 tests.*limited time only- 2016 NeuroChaos Concussion Resource Initiative-with paid baseline, Post Injury testing at no cost.

2) Balance (Vestibular): Balance is commonly impaired with concussion and basic testing assesses vestibular/inner ear function which can detect more serious impairments that, if left unrecognized and untreated, could severely impact recovery. Assessing posture and sway before injury can identify potential “at risk” individuals. Basic balance screening takes approx. 15-20 minutes. More involved vestibular function tests require more time. Available at 360 Balance. ($50-$75:Price varies based on level of assessment). *Please visit 360 Balance- for information on the most innovative balance testing programs.

3) ImPACT (cognition): ImPACT is a computer based device meant to test cognitive skills such as word memory, reaction time and word recognition, all of which could be affected by a head injury. The results are compared to an age-matched control database or to a patient’s pre-injury baseline scores, if available. Appropriate for athletes aged 11years and older. Requires an environment free of distraction, good instruction from provider and optimal motivation from the athlete for accurate, valid and reliable results. Takes approx. 40 minutes and repeated post injury tests should be at least 7 days apart. Provided at select clinics by appointment($40-$50) and group testing in high schools where available.

Cally Martin, ATC, LAT