Golf Club

Golf at Murchison is a “club”.  This is not an instructional class. All skill levels are welcome!


To participate students are required to submit an AISD Athletic Physical. Please submit to MMS Athletic Directors.

PARENTS: Team parents are asked to volunteer on the team committees.  “Fair Share” to support every golfer is essential to the team’s success. We will need volunteers to support transportation, yearbook pictures, Top Golf coordinator, and Golf course coordinator.

Parents will be asked to volunteer for tournaments.  Each four-person team must be accompanied by an adult during tournaments.  Parents cannot be guaranteed pairing with their children.  The accompanying adult will be assigned a group to assist with maintaining the pace of play, supporting the group with tournament rules, and recording scores accurately.  


PRACTICE: Practice is “on your own”.  Our club’s parents may create and plan casual outings or formal practices with local golf courses or golf facilities.  It is encouraged that all golfers are invited to such practices to develop comradery and skills.  All golfers are encouraged to play golf. Participating in golf camps or securing private instruction is at the parent’s discretion.  We do have complimentary access to Top Golf on Mondays from 4-5 PM from September to May and with sponsorship meet once a month for 9-hole play at Great Hills Country Club.


EQUIPMENT: Parents are responsible for providing all equipment. AISD and MMS do not provide.  Donated equipment may be available. Please ask Coach Williamson.

UNIFORM: MMS Shirt will be issued, the MMS hat is a required purchase, students should wear BLACK bottoms: skirts, shorts, or pants.  Skirts and shorts must meet golf attire expectations. During tournament play hats and belts (required with shorts and pants) should be worn at all times.

TEAM DUES:  All golf expenses are the parent’s responsibility.

TOURNAMENTS: In partnership with other AISD Middle Schools, we will be co-hosting and participating in an estimated two 9-hole tournaments against other middle school golfers.

Uniform is required for tournament play.

TRANSPORTATION: Transportation is the responsibility of the parent and we encourage carpooling.

COMMUNITY SERVICE: All golfers may be asked to support our community service projects. These events will be outside the designated school-hours.  Events may include community events, in partnership with the AHS golf team, or at a local golf course. Parents must provide transportation for these opportunities and events.

COMMUNICATIONS: If you need assistance, please contact Mrs. Williamson at

Shutterfly: Team Site:

*General information, team calendar, roster, and team pictures are stored. Group or individual messaging can originate from this site. In order to access all areas of this site, you are required to set up an account on Shutterfly.

Melissa Williamson
504 Coordinator
GT Advocate 2019-20
Murchison M.S. Golf Club Sponsor
Anderson H.S. Asst. Coach – Anderson Golf Team

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