The mission of the Murchison Middle School Comprehensive Counseling Program is to support the academic success, the post-secondary/career preparation, and the personal/social development of our diverse student population using best practice school counseling strategies to help them become our future leaders and contributors of a global society.

At MMS, we follow the standards of TEA (Texas Education Agency) and ASCA (American School Counselors Association) to provide a comprehensive counseling program for students. This program consists of four domains:

Guidance Curriculum: Provide developmental curriculum content in a systematic way to all students.

Examples: Classroom guidance lessons in elective classes, Small guidance groups to develop social/academic skills, large group presentations & special events.

Responsive Services: Provide development curriculum content in a systematic way to all students.

Example: Individuals counseling sessions, Crisis counseling, Meditations between students and peers/teachers, Meetings with students about behavioral issues

Individual Planning: Assist students in developing educational, career, and personal plans.

Examples: Advising new students about classes/schedules,  Aiding students in choosing future classes/academic programs.

System Support: Plan and evaluate the school counseling and engage in school support activities. Examples: Professional training; Serving on school/district committees; Counseling program research and development.