Academic Honesty Policy

Matador Honor Code Honesty, integrity, and a respect for individual achievement are expected at Murchison Middle School. We strive to develop learners that are knowledgeable, inquirers, thinkers, communicators and principled. The honor code begins with the belief that every student has the right to pursue an education free from dishonesty. All Murchison Middle School students must uphold the standards of academic conduct outlined in the Honor Code on every assignment.

The academically principled student DOES the following:

completes their own work 
uses technology when appropriate and with approval 
acknowledges help when received 
appropriately cites sources when used 
follows the rules when taking an assessment 
shares information with staff when they have knowledge of an Honor Code violation 
actively participates in group work and does their fair share of the work

The academically principled student DOES NOT:

turn in work that is not his/her own 
give or receive unapproved help on an assignment 
give or receive unapproved help during an assessment (this includes asking other students, “What’s on the test?”) 
make up or change data 
copy or paraphrase portions of another’s work without proper citation 
forge, alter, or misuse any school document relating to their academic status

To help students learn to be academically principled, MMS teachers and staff will:

work with students to develop an understanding of cheating and plagiarism 
work with students on paraphrasing and summarizing skills 
assist students in learning the proper information literacy skills such as citation and evaluation of sources (eg. Google is not an appropriate citation in most circumstances) 
demonstrate and model proper citation 
help students understand the difference between approved and unapproved assistance

The student will receive an automatic zero, which cannot be retaken or made up. Possible consequences for Honor Code violations include an office referral that may result in a one-day In-School Suspension or Saturday School Assignment.