Community Project

Murchison is proud that as part of the IB MYP, all 8th grade students will participate in a yearlong community service project.

Students will work in groups to investigate, plan, execute and reflect on a service project designed to meet needs within the community.

Projects are facilitated and supported by advisory teachers as well as the IB Coordinator, community leaders and parent volunteers.

The project requires at least 15 hours of involvement from inception through the presentation fair. Work both in and out of class is encouraged. Please view the slideshow presentation and the guiding document at the bottom of this page for more information and to see the process step-by-step.

The timeline for the CSP is as follows:


Phase 1: Investigating

Students will…

Define a goal to address a need in their community based on their personal interests.

Identify prior skills and knowledge that pertain to the project as they begin the investigative process.

Research causes, possible solutions and established organizations involved in addressing the need they have selected.


Phase 2: Planning

Students will…

Develop a proposal for action to serve the need they have identified in the community.

Plan and record the development process of their project.

Practice self-management, goal setting and planning skills.


Phase 3: Taking Action

Students will…

Participate in service in action to address their project goals

Practice communication and social skills by interacting with the community.

Actively engage in fulfilling goals, solving problems and thinking critically about how their plan meets their aims


Phase 4: Reflecting

Students will…

Evaluate the quality of their project against the proposal they wrote

Reflect on how completing the project extended their knowledge and understanding of community service learning

Identify ways that engaging in the activity benefitted them as a person, how it impacted the community and which approaches to learning skills were practiced in the process.

As a final step, students will present their culminating projects to school and community members during an open-invitation event. Time, date and details of the event are to be determined, check back for more info.

Check the files on this page for the slideshow presentation and project guide (PDF and MS Word) for download!