Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Is there an application for the IB Program?

No. Murchison is an IB World School, meaning that all enrolled students are IB students.


What courses must students take in the IB Middle Years Program?

All students must take three years of Individuals and Societies (Social Studies), Language and Literature (English Language Arts), a Language Acquisition (Foreign Language), Mathematics, Science and Design [Technology].

In addition, students must also take at least a semester each year of Physical Education, Arts (Band, Choir, Dance Orchestra, Theater Arts, or Visual Arts) . While it is highly recommended that each student take a stand alone Design/Technology course, our Fine Arts classes are integrating Design/Technology into their curriculum as students may be limited in their ability to take multiple electives.

Special Note for Sixth Graders: Sixth graders must take a year of PE to comply with state law. Sixth graders also must take IB Tech Literacy for a semester and IB Foundations for a semester. The purpose of these courses is to engage with the tenets of the IB MYP program and to develop their technology skills and knowledge.

For more information please visit the ‘About the IB MYP‘ and ‘IB Curriculum‘ pages.


Is community service required?

Yes. All Murchison students are expected to complete some community service with a personal goal of 10 hours per year.

All of our sixth grade students will complete 10 hours of community service learning as part of their IB Foundations course. In this course, students will also compile an IB Portfolio with work samples, reflections and community service logs. Should a student wish to apply for an IB Award/Recognition, please download and complete the packet located on the ‘Student Resource‘ page.

All of our students will complete an IB Community Service Project in their advisory class. Students will work in groups to investigate a need in the community, plan a focused project to address the need, carry out their projects and provide a presentation and reflection on their service. This project is required along with documentation of each step in the process, to be guided by their advisory teacher and the IB Coordinator. Please see the ‘Community Project‘ tab for more information.


What does the IB Program mean?

The IB Organization is a non-profit organization based in Geneva, Switzerland that offers Primary, Middle Years, Diploma and Career Readiness programs at schools all over the world. Murchison is an IB World School which means we focus on student-centered approaches to learning. This includes the way we teach, the way we learn and the way we grow. The IB program also advocates for international mindedness, interdisciplinary coursework as well as community service projects. The accomplishments of students in IB programs are highly regarded by both prospective colleges as well as IB schools around the world. The result of IB learning at Murchison is that our students become well-rounded, culturally enriched students, with strengths in high-level thinking and problem solving. For more information on the difference between an IB and non-IB education please visit the ‘IB Impact Research‘ page.


Are there any special activities?

Yes, IB MYP students have access to special activities and events throughout the year. These programs can include guest speakers, community service learning opportunities and campus leadership programs such as Peer Buddies, CHAMPS and No Place For Hate.


What are the benefits of being at a school that offers the IB Middle Years Program?

Our program promotes leaders who are global thinkers, contributors and well- rounded, knowledgeable individuals. Research shows that the IB education provides valuable preparation for twenty-first century citizenship. Global perspectives, high-level problem solving and community involvement are important components of the MYP. The MYP provides opportunities for students to explore concepts and issues outside the walls of our school while pursuing their own learning and service goals.


What if my child wants to continue with IB Diploma Program at Anderson?

In tenth grade, students may apply for the Diploma Program (DP) at Anderson. The Diploma Program itself spans grades 11 and 12. To earn a full IB Diploma, students must be in all Pre-AP/IB classes by tenth grade and have earned at least an 85 grade point average. Successful completion of the DP results in the award of 24 college credit hours. It is rigorous academics combined with real-world, community focused activities. Exactly what our Middle Years Program prepares the students for!


I heard that the Design/Technology requirement is fulfilled through the core classes. Is that true?

Throughout the previous years, we have been fulfilling this requirement through other subject areas. Murchison has recently added a wide range of Design/Technology courses and students are encouraged to take one of these courses each year. Our Fine Arts teachers integrate Design/Technology into their curriculum and it remains a central component of other subject areas as well.


Do Athletics and Dance count towards the Physical Education requirement?

Yes. Athletics will satisfy the Physical Education requirement. Dance counts towards both the P.E AND Fine Arts requirements for IB.