IB Curriculum

The MYP framework emphasizes student inquiry, action and reflection through engagement with eight subject areas, including interdisciplinary units and culminating in a year-long community service project. The core of this learning model is the Learner Profile. By developing these characteristics, students are encouraged to interact with and value learning as an integral part of everyday life.

Classroom inquiry helps students develop both subject-specific and interdisciplinary understanding. The MYP curriculum framework includes:

  • Approaches to learning: Embedded throughout the curriculum, students discover how to learn by developing skills for research, critical and creative thinking, communication, collaboration, and self-management.
  • Key and related concepts: Provides students multiple opportunities to explore significant concepts that have relevance within and across subjects and disciplines.
  • Global contexts: Provides common points of entry for inquiries into what it means to be internationally-minded, framing a curriculum that promotes multilingualism, intercultural understanding and global engagement.
  • Inquiry-based learning: Encourages students to initiate their own learning experiences through sustained inquiry and provides an engaging, relevant, challenging and significant educational experience.
  • Community Service Learning: Focuses on service in action and encourages students to explore their right and responsibility to their community. Community service projects engages students in sustained, in-depth inquiry and facilitates development of leadership and citizenship skills.